Welcome to this summer camp blog!

My name is Roo and I’m working at Camp Sloane YMCA this summer for the 5th year in a row. This year I’m heading to camp through 3 Adventures, and over the next 6 months or so this blog will be documenting my summer camp experience, from the process of getting my visa, to the day to day life of a summer at camp, right through to my post-camp travels.

Who am i?
This is me!

I wouldn’t call myself an official ‘expert’ as such but, having spent the past 4 summers at camp, I feel I know a lot of what it’s all about and can provide you with heaps of fun and interesting stories and bits of advice about what it’s like to work at a summer camp in the USA. My summer camp career began back in June 2011, when I worked in the office and taught media classes to the kids. I then went on to be a counselor, living, eating, sleeping and caring with and for my own group of campers, and now I’m in a supervisory role as the Media Director, meaning I’m responsible for the running of the media program and our social media channels, as well as producing photos and videos of camp life. It’s a full on job, but I love every minute of it!

Summer camp counselors campers
Me and my campers!

It’s going to be one hell of a summer, so why not tag along for the ride?! I’ll be writing bi-weekly posts from now until I leave America in the Fall, detailing who 3 Adventures are, what they can do to help you get to summer camp, how the application and visa process works, what it’s really like being a summer camp counselor and much, much more.


* Note: I also run another blog, called Summer Camp Secrets, all about helping YOU get to summer camp. So if you like what you read over here about my experience at camp with 3 Adventures this summer, why not head over there to check out how summer camp can become a part of your life too.

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