Summer Really Is Over Now, Isn’t It?

Well it’s been 3 weeks since I left camp, and while my attention has now turned to some fun and exciting travels (did you read my last post about my Californian Road Trip?), I can’t deny that there’s a little bit of an aching hole inside me that only summer camp can fill. If you’ve just spent the summer at camp (or indeed have ever worked at summer camp before), then you’ll know exactly what I mean. It’s that camp magic we summer camp folk talk of, the rare and beautiful feeling that you get when you’re at camp (or ‘home’ as I like to call it), when you’re filled with joy, happiness, adrenaline and most often, pure excited ridiculousness.

summer camp counselor
I miss these silly people already

Summer 2015 was a spectacular one for me, and I hope it was for you all too. I returned to my role of Media Director, spending the summer making videos, taking photos and generally spreading the camp love across our social media, sharing what we were getting up to with our campers parents and the rest of the world. It’s my favourite job I’ve ever had and I wish could do it forever, not just in the summer season. I get to wander around camp, documenting the summer camp awesomeness; hang out with some of the coolest kids around; live with my best friends in the whole world 24/7; enjoy the outdoors and the most beautiful setting (seriously though, those sunsets); live in nature; and act like my silliest self all of the time. Why wouldn’t I want to do that forever?!

summer camp sunset usa
Some of the best sunsets in the world

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not all fun and games, there’s some hard work in there too! This summer I’ve been in charge of running an all camp theme day (Olympics Day), which is no mean feat; I’ve organised and run an intersession; created schedules, managed staff; run around like a crazy person in the middle of a storm on one of our overnights (when the kids cook their own dinner on the campfire and camp out in the woods), making sure everyone was safe and dry; and dealt with any number of other situations as and when they arose.

summer camp superhero
Be a superhero at summer camp

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, working at summer camp is the best job you’ll ever have, not just because you get to go to the USA and play with kids all day in the sunshine. But also because you will learn more in a summer than you probably ever learnt in all your years at school or university. It’s a different kind of learning though… it’s a learning that will influence who you are and how you deal with the real world and any job or relationship you have in the future. You will learn how to deal with problems and to think on your feet, how to calm a homesick camper, how to work as part of a team, how to entertain 40 kids when it’s raining and you’re stuck in the dining hall for hours on end. You will learn responsibility, towards your campers and your peers. You will learn how much sleep you need to function and how much ice cream it takes to make you feel less stressed. You will learn to be a problem solver and to use what you have in the best way possible to deal with a situation on your own. But you will also learn that it’s okay, no it’s essential, to ask for help sometimes.

summer camp selfie friends
You’ll get by with a little help from your friends

And that’s not even the half of it. Summer camp changed my life. In more ways than I can count. This summer has been amazing… one of the best yet, in fact, every year it just keeps getting better. And if I can say that after 5 summers at camp, think what just one summer could do for you!

team work summer camp boating
Team work makes the dream work

So what are you waiting for? Apply with 3 Adventures to work at summer camp in 2016. It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done.

summer camp best friends
The best of friends at summer camp

Now that my summer’s over, I’m back to counting down the days until it starts again. I’ll be at camp next summer… Where will you be?

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