The Last Days At Camp

When I left off last time, I was one week into our Fall Camp season, working with groups and doing all sorts of fun stuff. So what’s happened in the last week weeks? SO MUCH. First, I had a few days off, which I spent shopping at a nearby mall, sleeping and resting and just generally chilling out after a hectic few days. Then it was back to work, doing lots of random jobs around camp, getting the place ready for our Labor Day Weekend Family Camp.

Family Camp was, as always, so much fun. We basically open camp up for the weekend to families, and they can come and enjoy everything camp has to offer, from our incredible surroundings and outdoor living, to all the awesome activities, like Boating, Climbing and plenty more. It’s like a little taster of summer camp for adults and kids alike. I spent the weekend belaying at the Climbing Tower, running our Giant Swing, enjoying an epic Square Dance, taking some photos on the waterski boat and doing a bit of filming for a Family Camp video.

A Family Camp Square Dance!
A Family Camp Square Dance!

And then it was time for our annual ‘Fall Camp Holiday’ – this is a tradition we started a few years ago and something I hope continues. We all had 3 days off, so we rented a massive house by the beach in a place called New London (we went there last summer too). It was an incredible few days spent in the sunshine, relaxing, eating great food, sitting by the fire in the garden, enjoying a few beverages and even going for a cheeky nighttime swim! On our last day at the beach though the weather was awful and rainy, so we left a bit earlier than planned and headed back to camp, driving on the highway through what was possibly the worst rain I’ve ever experienced!

Beach Life
Beach Life
The last few days have been crazy busy, with some hectic work last Friday, getting everything ready for our very last group of the season – a Father/Son school event that is possibly the busiest, craziest 24 hours that happens at camp every year. I did all sorts of things on Saturday and Sunday, including working at the Climbing Tower and driving around on the golf cart in the pouring rain, making sure everyone had everything they needed – exhausting but always kind of entertaining in a deliriously funny way.

Then so began the last few days of Fall Camp and the final tidy up, making sure everything is going to be left ready for the winter and exactly as we want to find it next Spring! It was a long 3 days, but we got there in the end, and then last night enjoyed our awesome ‘Curry Night’ tradition – where we all spend the last evening of Fall Camp having a great meal together and celebrating the fact that we made it all the way to the end of the season.

Summer campfire
The last campfire of the summer
And now it’s over. As quickly as it began, it’s time to pack up and leave this place I have called home since May. The end of camp is my least favourite time of year… can’t it just go on forever? I wish.

Up next… my travels to California and last days in the USA!

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