Summer Is Over… And Fall Has Begun!

Where did I get to with my last post? Oh yes, we had just one week left of the summer and of camp being full of campers and staff.

The week went ridiculously fast, with a whole load of brand new campers arriving on the Sunday afternoon, followed by an awesome Monday Funday, a great evening off with friends on the Tuesday, a hectic day of photos and filming lots of final little things I needed for a few projects on the Wednesday, a super chill day off eating snacks, sleeping and watching old TV episodes on the Thursday, and then all of a sudden it was Friday and the last full day of camp! We had a fab Closing Campfire, with the campers putting on some great skits to the theme of ‘Musicals’, and then we had a lovely (and somewhat emotional) little goodbye ceremony with all of Girl’s camp down at the lake.

Matching outfits on Monday Funday!
Matching outfits on Monday Funday!

Saturday saw all of the campers leave in the morning and then it was time for the manic clean up all over camp, shutting things down and making sure everything was ready for those of us staying for the Fall season. I spent most of the afternoon vacuuming one building. Fun fun fun. On Saturday evening we had our final staff banquet, with fantastic food, hilarious videos and slideshows from the summer, lots of awards and quite a few tears as a few people said their last goodbyes and headed on their way to wherever they were going next. The rest of us headed down to Boy’s camp (where all the staff slept on the last night) for a great final campfire and, of course, a few s’mores.

On Sunday morning it was time for everyone to leave and emotions were running high as people said goodbye to their friends and home for the last 2 months. It’s crazy how close you become to the people around you in just 8 short weeks at summer camp. We waved goodbye to the buses carrying everyone to the train station and the it was back to work for the Fall Camp Crew (the 12 of us staying here until mid September). We had a section to clean and a group to prepare for.

The last 'All Camp' photo
The last ‘All Camp’ photo

This first week of Fall Camp has absolutely flown by, and yet at the same time it feels as though it’s been about a year since all the campers and staff left. So much has happened and we’ve been so busy, it’s almost hard to remember what the summer was like at all! We’ve had 5 different groups (a mixture of high school seniors and college freshmen) on camp in the last 7 days, doing a multitude of things with them including group work like team challenges, initiatives, night hikes, and a LOT of high ropes. It’s been absolutely exhausting but also totally rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my job at camp during the summer, and love having all the campers here, but there’s something about working with the groups we get during the Fall season, and helping them through the challenges we set to achieve their goals, or overcome their fears, or just to have them go away, back to college or their last year of high school with a stronger belief in themselves and maybe a new friend or two, that makes me feel really accomplished. Leadership work like that is something I really enjoy and never would have even had the chance to discover if I hadn’t come to camp all those summers ago.

Moving logs... one of my favourite Fall Camp jobs!
Moving logs… one of my favourite Fall Camp jobs!

Now there’s about 2 weeks left of Fall Camp, and then I’m going on an awesome adventure that I’m so excited about! Me and a few friends are heading to the West Coast after we leave camp, going camping in Yosemite National Park, then driving down to Los Angeles for a few days, before hopping on a plane to Costa Rica for a bit of surfing and yoga. Then I have no plans other than that I want to explore Costa Rica and possibly Panama for a few weeks before heading back to New York and finally home to London early November! It’s going to be super fun and I’ll be blogging about it right here over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

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