One More Week To Go!

That’s right, there’s just one more week left of the summer! I can’t quite believe it.

It’s been a crazy two weeks, starting with a brand new session and lots of new campers, which can only mean one thing… a whole batch of new photos and videos! I spent the first few days of the session just trekking around camp with a camera trying to get as many photos of campers in activities as possible.

Monday Funday Dancing
Monday Funday Dancing

I had a fab day off last week, just chilling, sleeping and lazing on the beach (awkwardly forgot to put sunscreen on and got super sunburnt… oopsie), and then got back to camp refreshed and ready for the weekend and our all camp theme day, which was Carnival Day! We had a whole bunch of activities that the kids could run around from place to place doing, as well as candy floss, popcorn, a bouncy castle and even a haunted house – lots of fun for everyone, even the counselors (we’re all a bunch of big kids anyway, right?)! Oh and I got a chance to go wakeboarding too… my fav!

Then this last week I’ve been busy attempting to get all my video and photo projects finished (and some perhaps only just started) so I’m not stressing out too much next week. We’re making a really fun video for the staff banquet on the last day of camp called the ‘catchphrase video’ – basically a mashup of everyone saying their little funny phrases or things they’ve said all the time, all summer long. It’s become a bit of tradition here since my first year and it’s always a good laugh, so it’s been fun putting that together.

Camp friends

I took a different night off this week too and went to a place called Great Barrington, about 30 mins drive away from Sloane, to go Bowling, which was heaps fun (especially as I won… bowling is about the only ‘sporty’ thing that I’m good at) – nice to get away and do something different for a night.

We had some mental weather too and, as always, it landed on one of our overnights (where the kids go out and camp in the woods and cook their food on the fire), so I spent the night absolutely soaking wet, driving around in a golf cart in the rain, making sure everyone was staying dry, getting new bedding and moving people about and out of the storm. So hectic, but also kinda fun. Camp is a crazy place sometimes!


Then I had a great day off, starting with a fab lie in, and followed by some delicious food, many iced coffees and a relaxing afternoon chilling out, watching tv, eating snacks and reading silly magazines. It’s the little things that just make a day great.

And then as soon as it began, the end of the session rolled around, with the Performing Arts Showcase being a huge highlight; a few more days of taking many, many photos; editing little promo videos; our penultimate Closing Campfire and finally check out on Saturday.

It’s just so crazy to think that there’s only one week left of camp and then everyone leaves and it goes back to just a few of us on property for Fall. I’m so glad I’ll be here until mid September! This summer has gone by far too quickly and I don’t want it to end!

Sunset at Sloane
Sunset at Sloane

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