Time Flies When You’re Having Fun At Camp!

Wow. 2 weeks has passed already?! As usual, it’s been a crazy few weeks at summer camp, with heaps of stuff going on. As the Media Director at my camp, my job involves taking a LOT of photos of daily life at camp, running our social media accounts and making videos of special events – it keeps me pretty busy!

Summer Camp Life

The session started as normal with Monday Funday, which is a day where the kids go around with their sections (age group) and tour camp, play games and just get to know each other. Then activities started – this is where my job really begins, taking photos of all the activities (my favourite being when I get to go out on the waterski boat!), uploading and updating all our social media with the goings on.

That Tie Dye Life
That Tie Dye Life

We had our traditional Square Dance towards the end of the week and then all of a sudden it was the weekend! We usually have an all camp theme day on the Sunday, but because of predicted bad weather, and the fact that we were doing Color War (which we wanted to keep a secret), we decided to switch Sunday and Monday, much to the confusion of all the campers!

Color War!
Color War!

So on Monday morning we took all the campers down to Boating for the big reveal of Color War and it was EPIC! We had music, waterskiers, a huge sign and even some awesome coloured smoke bombs! Everyone went absolutely mental at the big reveal and the day was pretty fantastic after that. There were some crazy games, an awesome relay and, of course, a HUGE coloured powder fight!

Color War Powder Fight!
Color War Powder Fight!

The week then went back to normal with more activities and heaps more photos and then on Thursday we all enjoyed a fantastic performance of ‘Godspell Junior’ by the awesome Performing Arts campers – it was amazing to see all their hard work over the last 2 weeks pay off as they sang, danced and dazzled us all!

summer camp tie dye dance
Tie Dye friends

Then before I knew it, Friday came around and it was the end of the session, with all the campers performing great and funny skits at our Closing Campfire. I can’t believe it flew by so quickly… there are only 3 weeks left of the summer! Mental.

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