The Start Of Another Session At Camp

It’s been a pretty hectic two weeks since my last post, but really life has carried on as normal at camp. I’ve been heaps busy taking photos around camp and making videos – I think I’ve taken well over 2000 photos in the last 2 weeks… mental! But I love my job – where else could I walk around in the sunshine all day, taking photos, chatting to kids and experiencing all the best bits of summer camp?!

Summer camp staff
Summer camp staff

We’ve had some awesome all camp events in these last two weeks starting with our Square Dance, which is a huge tradition at Sloane and something that everyone loves, both kids and staff alike! Then it was our all camp theme day last Sunday which I was helping to run – we had a ‘Camp Sloane Olympics Day’, with the kids competing in teams in a variety of different events and challenges throughout the day, resulting in a huge relay race that went around the whole of camp and ended with a Slip ‘n Slide…epic! It was a super stressful day for those of use in charge of it all, but it went absolutely amazingly and I’ve been told that it was the best Olympics Day we’ve ever had! Score!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Unfortunately this last week a friend of mine had to leave camp for circumstances entirely out of anyone’s control, so that’s been pretty sad and we’re all still adjusting to life at camp without him.

But the show must go on, and on it went indeed with an awesome Performing Arts Showcase where the kids and staff sang, danced and even did a comedy act!

This session at camp has gone so incredibly fast, it’s unbelievable… one more week and we’ll be halfway through the summer! Insane. There’s only 5 weeks left and then the summer ends and Fall Camp begins. It seems like every year that I come back, the summers get shorter and shorter.

Performing Arts Showcase

I’ve been busy planning my post-camp travels too and it’s shaping up to be pretty exciting – I’ll be visiting some of the major US cities before heading south to Central America for a spot of surfing and yoga. Heaps pumped about that. But more info to come soon!

Right… bring on week 4!

Summer Camp
Summer Camp Life

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