An Update From Camp

I’m 6 weeks in and still going strong. I think if I could live and work here all year round I 100% would (*hint hint).

Anyway, the last 2 weeks have been pretty hectic. After the week of supervisor and specialty staff training, the rest of the staff arrived for our all staff week of orientation. It was a week full of all sorts of trainings and team building stuff, friendship making and heavy lifting. I got re-certified on the Climbing Tower (one of my favourite activities to run), put up a bunch of tents in Day Camp, planned an all camp Theme Day, spent a lot of time in the office, taught myself our new photo uploading system, made a bunch of videos, played a load of games, moved into the section and tent I’ll be living in for the rest of the summer, cooked dinner on the campfire, spent a night out in the woods (the best part was when a bat flew in my face at 1am!), moved a lot of picnic tables around, loved the staff Square Dance, dyed the ends of my hair super blonde and had a fabulous day off.

summer camp counselors

summer camp counselors

And then the kids arrived. Which was really bizarre because I almost sort of forgot that they were coming and that they were the reason any of us are even here! But arrive they did. It was a pretty small session, with only about 70 kids, which was heaven, as it gave me a chance to ease in a bit and get back into into the media swing of things, taking photos and making videos (my job at camp is doing all the media things – photography, videos, social media etc). Having kids back on camp has been awesome, especially since some of them are campers that I’ve known for 5 years – I love seeing them come back year after year. So last week I was just basically out and about taking photos of all the activities, organising things for the weeks to come, attempting to put up a teepee, sleeping and eating great food on my day off, getting my 5th year watch (a very special moment and my camp) and generally just loving life the way I do when I’m here.

summer camp counselors

Now comes Session 2. Wow, it’s going faster than usual!

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