I’ve Been At Camp For Almost A Month!

That’s right! A month! Crazy right? When I first arrived here back at the end of May, it felt like it was going to be ages until more staff arrived and summer really began, but all of a sudden 3 weeks passed and new people arrived in droves, and now we’ve just started the second week of our staff training with the kids arriving in just 6 days!

Summer Camp view

I’ve already filled you in on what I got up to in my first week here, but what have I been doing more recently? We had 2 more weeks of Spring Camp, which involved working with a few more groups (doing initiatives, challenges and a bunch of other activities with them), lots of fixing things, moving things and a fair amount of heavy lifting around camp, trying to get everything ready before the staff arrived.

Out on the lake at camp
Out on the lake

We also had some awesome days off, which involved excellent things like a trip to the NYC and Brooklyn to see Mumford & Sons play on Coney Island, a great shopping trip at a nearby outlet mall, and even a quick tattoo to add to my collection! Oh and it was my birthday a few weeks ago which was so much fun… I got a tray full of brownies with candles in and everything!

Mumford & Sons
Mumford & Sons

Then last week the first load of staff arrived for our week of specialty training (supervisors, lifeguards and adventure staff), so it was all fun and games as we got to know everyone and they all settled in to their new home for the summer. It all feels like it’s fully under way now and I’m getting heaps excited for the kids to arrive on Sunday!

Birthday Brownies
Birthday Brownies

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