Summer Has Begun!

I’M AT CAMP! And it is awesome. As always, it is everything I wanted it to be and more.

I’ve been here for just under a week and it’s been so hectic and busy that it feels like I’ve already been here for months! I arrived last Tuesday after a very long journey from London (delayed flights, long queues and lost friends meant it took a little longer than expected), but as soon as we drove through those gates I knew I was home.

summer camp boating
Down at ‘da Boating’

There’s only about 7 of us on camp right now, which is so much fun and the weather has been incredible… I’m getting a tan already! I’ll give you a quick breakdown of the last few days:

Finally arrived at camp at about 8pm. Moved into our cabin where we’ll be living for Spring Camp, had fun going through all the stuff we left behind from last summer, unpacked and made the place feel super homely.

We had a group of elementary school kids arrive on camp and so spent the afternoon with them doing super fun stuff like team building games, canoeing and fishing (putting worms on hooks = yuck), followed by an evening of skits and games.

I was with the group of kids again all day which was awesome. We ran the climbing tower, took them on an epic nature hike around camp and built some amazing shelters in the woods before dinner. Then it was time for my first campfire of the summer and a few s’mores on the kids’ last night.

Spent the morning doing ‘Eco Art’ with the kids. Very messy. They sadly left after lunch… most adorable bunch of kids ever! The afternoon was full of jobs like cleaning and putting out every single mattress on camp! Then we were free to do what we liked in the evening so we  had a BBQ down at Boating and took the Pontoon boat out on the lake just as the sun was setting. Then it was off to Mizza’s, our local Pizza place for a few drinks and some downtime.

Sunset on the lake
Sunset on the lake

A day full of jobs and heavy lifting. We organised the staff lodge, moved furniture, put the docks in down at boating, did some stuff in the office, moved some picnic tables and random bits of wood and had a whale of a time. Sunshine, music, friends and the great outdoors, what more could I ask for?

Had the day off which was great. The lack of sleep (thanks jet lag) and hard work has totally tired me out so it was great to have a lie in. Then just spent the day doing all our favourite things – coffee and food from the best cafe in town, a great trip to Walmart (it’s more fun than it sounds) and just catching up on all the stuff I hadn’t had the chance to even think about before.

Crazy in the truck
Truck life

And there it is. My first week back at camp! I hope it’s going as well for all of you as it is for me!

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