Summer Really Is Over Now, Isn’t It?

Well it’s been 3 weeks since I left camp, and while my attention has now turned to some fun and exciting travels (did you read my last post about my Californian Road Trip?), I can’t deny that there’s a little bit of an aching hole inside me that only summer camp can fill. If you’ve just spent the summer at camp (or indeed have ever worked at summer camp before), then you’ll know exactly what I mean. It’s that camp magic we summer camp folk talk of, the rare and beautiful feeling that you get when you’re at camp (or ‘home’ as I like to call it), when you’re filled with joy, happiness, adrenaline and most often, pure excited ridiculousness.

summer camp counselor
I miss these silly people already

Summer 2015 was a spectacular one for me, and I hope it was for you all too. I returned to my role of Media Director, spending the summer making videos, taking photos and generally spreading the camp love across our social media, sharing what we were getting up to with our campers parents and the rest of the world. It’s my favourite job I’ve ever had and I wish could do it forever, not just in the summer season. I get to wander around camp, documenting the summer camp awesomeness; hang out with some of the coolest kids around; live with my best friends in the whole world 24/7; enjoy the outdoors and the most beautiful setting (seriously though, those sunsets); live in nature; and act like my silliest self all of the time. Why wouldn’t I want to do that forever?!

summer camp sunset usa
Some of the best sunsets in the world

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not all fun and games, there’s some hard work in there too! This summer I’ve been in charge of running an all camp theme day (Olympics Day), which is no mean feat; I’ve organised and run an intersession; created schedules, managed staff; run around like a crazy person in the middle of a storm on one of our overnights (when the kids cook their own dinner on the campfire and camp out in the woods), making sure everyone was safe and dry; and dealt with any number of other situations as and when they arose.

summer camp superhero
Be a superhero at summer camp

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, working at summer camp is the best job you’ll ever have, not just because you get to go to the USA and play with kids all day in the sunshine. But also because you will learn more in a summer than you probably ever learnt in all your years at school or university. It’s a different kind of learning though… it’s a learning that will influence who you are and how you deal with the real world and any job or relationship you have in the future. You will learn how to deal with problems and to think on your feet, how to calm a homesick camper, how to work as part of a team, how to entertain 40 kids when it’s raining and you’re stuck in the dining hall for hours on end. You will learn responsibility, towards your campers and your peers. You will learn how much sleep you need to function and how much ice cream it takes to make you feel less stressed. You will learn to be a problem solver and to use what you have in the best way possible to deal with a situation on your own. But you will also learn that it’s okay, no it’s essential, to ask for help sometimes.

summer camp selfie friends
You’ll get by with a little help from your friends

And that’s not even the half of it. Summer camp changed my life. In more ways than I can count. This summer has been amazing… one of the best yet, in fact, every year it just keeps getting better. And if I can say that after 5 summers at camp, think what just one summer could do for you!

team work summer camp boating
Team work makes the dream work

So what are you waiting for? Apply with 3 Adventures to work at summer camp in 2016. It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done.

summer camp best friends
The best of friends at summer camp

Now that my summer’s over, I’m back to counting down the days until it starts again. I’ll be at camp next summer… Where will you be?

Post-Camp Travels: Cruising Through California

The past two weeks have absolutely flown by, with the summer coming to an end and my post-camp travels beginning. It’s always sad to say goodbye to camp and everyone there at the end of the season (we all know by now that I would stay there forever if they’d let me!), but I know it’s (probably) not my last summer there, so while I’ll miss it heaps over the next 8 months, I know it’s right there waiting for me to return!

sunset summer
My last camp sunset

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The Last Days At Camp

Summer camp

When I left off last time, I was one week into our Fall Camp season, working with groups and doing all sorts of fun stuff. So what’s happened in the last week weeks? SO MUCH. First, I had a few days off, which I spent shopping at a nearby mall, sleeping and resting and just generally chilling out after a hectic few days. Then it was back to work, doing lots of random jobs around camp, getting the place ready for our Labor Day Weekend Family Camp.

Family Camp was, as always, so much fun. We basically open camp up for the weekend to families, and they can come and enjoy everything camp has to offer, from our incredible surroundings and outdoor living, to all the awesome activities, like Boating, Climbing and plenty more. It’s like a little taster of summer camp for adults and kids alike. I spent the weekend belaying at the Climbing Tower, running our Giant Swing, enjoying an epic Square Dance, taking some photos on the waterski boat and doing a bit of filming for a Family Camp video.

A Family Camp Square Dance!
A Family Camp Square Dance!
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Summer Is Over… And Fall Has Begun!

Where did I get to with my last post? Oh yes, we had just one week left of the summer and of camp being full of campers and staff.

The week went ridiculously fast, with a whole load of brand new campers arriving on the Sunday afternoon, followed by an awesome Monday Funday, a great evening off with friends on the Tuesday, a hectic day of photos and filming lots of final little things I needed for a few projects on the Wednesday, a super chill day off eating snacks, sleeping and watching old TV episodes on the Thursday, and then all of a sudden it was Friday and the last full day of camp! We had a fab Closing Campfire, with the campers putting on some great skits to the theme of ‘Musicals’, and then we had a lovely (and somewhat emotional) little goodbye ceremony with all of Girl’s camp down at the lake.

Matching outfits on Monday Funday!
Matching outfits on Monday Funday!

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One More Week To Go!

Camp friends

That’s right, there’s just one more week left of the summer! I can’t quite believe it.

It’s been a crazy two weeks, starting with a brand new session and lots of new campers, which can only mean one thing… a whole batch of new photos and videos! I spent the first few days of the session just trekking around camp with a camera trying to get as many photos of campers in activities as possible.

Monday Funday Dancing
Monday Funday Dancing

I had a fab day off last week, just chilling, sleeping and lazing on the beach (awkwardly forgot to put sunscreen on and got super sunburnt… oopsie), and then got back to camp refreshed and ready for the weekend and our all camp theme day, which was Carnival Day! We had a whole bunch of activities that the kids could run around from place to place doing, as well as candy floss, popcorn, a bouncy castle and even a haunted house – lots of fun for everyone, even the counselors (we’re all a bunch of big kids anyway, right?)! Oh and I got a chance to go wakeboarding too… my fav!

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun At Camp!

Color War!

Wow. 2 weeks has passed already?! As usual, it’s been a crazy few weeks at summer camp, with heaps of stuff going on. As the Media Director at my camp, my job involves taking a LOT of photos of daily life at camp, running our social media accounts and making videos of special events – it keeps me pretty busy!

Summer Camp Life

The session started as normal with Monday Funday, which is a day where the kids go around with their sections (age group) and tour camp, play games and just get to know each other. Then activities started – this is where my job really begins, taking photos of all the activities (my favourite being when I get to go out on the waterski boat!), uploading and updating all our social media with the goings on.

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The Start Of Another Session At Camp

Summer Camp

It’s been a pretty hectic two weeks since my last post, but really life has carried on as normal at camp. I’ve been heaps busy taking photos around camp and making videos – I think I’ve taken well over 2000 photos in the last 2 weeks… mental! But I love my job – where else could I walk around in the sunshine all day, taking photos, chatting to kids and experiencing all the best bits of summer camp?!

Summer camp staff
Summer camp staff

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An Update From Camp

I’m 6 weeks in and still going strong. I think if I could live and work here all year round I 100% would (*hint hint).

Anyway, the last 2 weeks have been pretty hectic. After the week of supervisor and specialty staff training, the rest of the staff arrived for our all staff week of orientation. It was a week full of all sorts of trainings and team building stuff, friendship making and heavy lifting. I got re-certified on the Climbing Tower (one of my favourite activities to run), put up a bunch of tents in Day Camp, planned an all camp Theme Day, spent a lot of time in the office, taught myself our new photo uploading system, made a bunch of videos, played a load of games, moved into the section and tent I’ll be living in for the rest of the summer, cooked dinner on the campfire, spent a night out in the woods (the best part was when a bat flew in my face at 1am!), moved a lot of picnic tables around, loved the staff Square Dance, dyed the ends of my hair super blonde and had a fabulous day off.

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